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4da1a46ec20cf93ee5c846a51e04f0ed.”We must seek advice from the individuals who elected us before taking an action so one can enable huge-originate playing right through Illinois and have an effect on our state’s pleasant of lifestyles for a long time to come. You be aware, as I do, our crusade pledge — made in 2002 and repeated in 2006 — to oppose any huge-scale growth of playing in our state. …

4da1a46ec20cf93ee5c846a51e04f0ed.”i hope you’ll be part of me in calling for a referendum on the proposed big enlargement of gambling in Illinois.”

— Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn in a letter to Gov. Rod Blagojevich, Dec. 17, 2007.

Very quickly — in all probability in early December, perhaps in January — state legislators will vote on a enormous expansion of playing in Illinois. this is able to be besides the estimated 45.”000 digital terminals for legalized video playing that already are expected to commence operating statewide subsequent summer. beneath the expansion bill now below consideration, Illinois’ number of casinos in impact would grow from latest 9 to the next day’s 21.

Twenty-one casinos? Plus playing outposts in passenger-most effective areas at O’Hare and midway airports? it truly is not a total that the profits-hungry legislative backers of this poker indonesia invoice would want us to make use of, or want you to peer. but do the mathematics for your self.

a diffusion of this scale has one obtrusive goal: quick money for Springfield — the enhanced to spare legislators from having to make critical price range lessens. but residents need to be anxious, and vocal, about the sheer throw-weight of this suggestion and its affect on crime-fighting: Having stuck the Illinois Gaming Board final yr with the big job of rolling out and regulating video playing, legislators can be including yet an extra predominant burden. Overloading state regulators in this style would carry the risk that mob or different illicit influences would make their method into Illinois playing.

State Sen. Terry hyperlink, D-Waukegan, who delivered this 338-page behemoth, has been perturbed with the Gaming Board since it decided in December 2008 to ship Illinois’ 10th on line casino license to Des Plaines as a substitute of … Waukegan. We desired to ask hyperlink if that explains why his bill primarily would get rid of the 5 Gaming Board contributors who made that decision and nevertheless serve nowadays. The governor would appoint replacements, discipline to Senate approval. however link didn’t return our calls.

So we’re left with the enormity of what his law would permit:

• A Chicago on line casino and ancillary casinos at O’Hare and midway airports. complete gambling positions: 4.”000.

• 4 extra new casinos at Park city close Waukegan, Rockford, Ford Heights and Danville. by using 2015, each could have 2.”000 positions.

• Illinois’ 9 existing casinos, plus the tenth slated to start in Des Plaines, might now be land based. and they could grow from modern 1,200 positions every to 2.”000 positions each and every, additionally by means of 2015.

• The state’s six horse-racing tracks may add a total of up to 6.”300 slot machines. For now, as a minimum, tracks wouldn’t have desk games. These six tune-based casinos — in business parlance, “racinos” — may function 19 hours a day no longer most effective on their personal racing dates, however also on any date when their tracks conduct simulcast wagering on horse races run in different places in the U.S. The Illinois Racing Board says the Illinois tracks are originate for simulcasts as many as one year a year Christmas covered. as a consequence the six racinos, like the state’s other 15 casinos, may function year-circular.

• The Balmoral and Maywood tracks might, with Racing Board approval, relocate to local locales.

• State tax prices on slot machines would decline. A spokesman for Senate Democrats informed us that, in conception, awarding greater of the purchase to on line casino owners would inspire them to installation the extra machines the legislation enables.

So where does that depart Illinois? A state that today has 10.”800 operating playing positions at nine casinos would, with the aid of 2015, authorize 38,300 positions at 21 casinos. and there’s talk of accelerating that time table so as to seize greater income quicker. Add to that those 45.”000 or so video playing terminals that come on-line next summer.

If this isn’t what Pat Quinn had in intellect when he concerned about,an action for you to allow broad-start gambling throughout Illinois and have an effect on our state’s quality of life for many years to come,” we do not know what would be.

What’s more, as we stated last Sunday, link’s concept violates a fundamental legislations of economics: playing income declined nationwide remaining 12 months, and a brand new state record says revenues within the just-entire fiscal 12 months dropped to the bottom stage because 2001. Yet some Illinois lawmakers think falling demand justifies an expansion of provide.

feel what you’ll about the morality of playing. we’ve got lengthy supported casino wagering, and robust regulation to hold the industry here clean. but this expansion would make Illinois government too reliant on playing revenues. We hope legislators will reduce fees in place of hitch the state’s already desperate budget even tighter to an business that has been contracting.

Most of all, we hope Gov. Quinn retains the skepticism he already has displayed when asked about this proposed enlargement.

Governor, if legislators send you this enlargement bill or anything love it, study your own 2007 letter and observe your suggestions. You were appropriate.

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